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Marc S. Margulis’ extensive career as a financial and transactional advisor to corporations and individuals outside of litigation enables him to incorporate real-world experience, insights and anecdotes into his testimony.

He has been the principal in charge of hundreds of valuation engagements, including valuations of businesses, securities and intangible assets, for virtually every possible purpose; he has rendered fairness opinions and solvency opinions in regard to pending transactions; and he has served as the principal advisor and lead negotiator for both domestic and cross-border M&A transactions and alliance formations.

Mr. Margulis communicates complex business issues and financial theories in a clear, precise manner.  Having mentored dozens of valuation professionals and taught numerous seminars, he strongly believes that the role of the expert witness is to teach while on the stand; to communicate at the level required for comprehension and to persist until comprehension is achieved.

“Being an expert on a subject and being an expert witness are two entirely different skill sets”