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Why Mammoth Advisors?

  • Mammoth Advisors goes beyond theoretical models to bring real world merger &
    acquisition and other corporate advisory and consulting experience to bear on assignments.
  • Mammoth Advisors’ professionals have the ability to communicate complex business issues
    and financial theories in a clear, precise manner as a result of regular communications of our
    financial opinions, valuation analyses, and damages analyses to attorneys, company officers,
    boards of directors, bankers, shareholders, government agencies, and triers of fact.
  • Mr. Margulis has been designated as the expect witness in over 150 lawsuits, testified 75
    times, performed hundreds of business valuations, and advised dozens of companies in the
    process of buying, selling or restructuring over his 25 year career.
  • He is a qualified expert in business valuation, current and retrospective fairness, solvency
    and fraudulent conveyance, reorganization, tax disputes, dissenters’ rights, involuntary
    business dissolutions, buy/sell agreements, lost profits analyses, trademark and intellectual
    property matters including reasonable royalty rates, and standards of practice in both the
    M&A and valuation professions.