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Litigation Services

  • Contested Business Valuations
  • Lost Profits Damages Analyses
  • Litigation Consulting
  • Expert Testimony

Success in litigation demands experts who can testify with credibility and clarity on the business issues being litigated, on relevant financial theory and practices, and on their own rigorous analysis of the claims for monetary damages.

Marc S. Margulis, founder and president of Mammoth Advisors, Inc., is uniquely qualified to provide dispute analysis services, litigation consulting and expert testimony on a host of commercial damages and valuation issues.

Mr. Margulis has been designated as the expert witness in over 150 lawsuits, in addition to performing hundreds of business valuations over his 25 year career.  Mr. Margulis has been qualified as an expert witness in the computation of compensatory damages based on lost profits and/or unjust enrichment and as an expert in the valuation of businesses, securities and intangible assets.

Essential to the successful prosecution or defense of damages claims is Creativity. There is no one possible outcome, no one correct methodology. It is appropriate to consider, and possibly present, alternative approaches, scenarios and outcomes.

Mr. Margulis’ extensive career as a financial and transactional advisor to corporations and individuals outside of litigation enables him to incorporate real-world experience, insights and anecdotes into his testimony.